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Dr. Serge Gregoire has joined forces to offer you the most complete care possible here at Mind and Body Solutions. We are a holistic wellness center located in the Houston area whose mission is to provide the community with safe, effective, and natural answers to health and wellness concerns. Our all-encompassing wellness center focuses on drug-free services. Our goal here is quite simple.


Houston Nutrition

Good News !

Your nutritional healing and detoxification journey begins.

Don’t smother your symptoms!
Root out the underlying causes of:

Sleeplessness / Stress / Skin issues / Allergies, etc

Then eradicate them with a simple, natural healing plan specifically designed for you!


Don’t give up…

Sick of recurring illness? Doctor keeps throwing prescriptions at your symptoms? Don’t want to be on medication permanently?

if you know, deep down, that something’s off, but no one can tell you what…if you feel old before your time…if you’ve tried all the traditional routes…if you’re tired of the side effects…if you’ve lost hope…


Mind and Body Solutions IS your solution!
We partner with you, with your body, with your unique situation to customize a plan that immediately sets you on the path to health!

Working with a licensed nutritionist and herbipath takes out the guess and check method – spending months… and big bucks, on various vitamins, foods, or supplements that may or may not work in your particular case.

Furthermore, that method only addresses one aspect of the healing process. Many of today’s common ailments, and debilitating diseases are due to toxins accumulating in our body via both our food and our environment.

These must be cleared out in order for our body to function at optimum levels.


Your Body Talks, Dr. Serge Listens

Dr. Serge Gregoire pays close attention to the signals sent by your body, through your listed symptoms, personal consultation, and Nutrition Response Testing.

This type of testing is accurate, painless, cost effective, quick and completely personalized. Reduce the time and money wasted using expensive machines and costly lab work.

Read more about his methods in this article

Dr. Serge has been intricately trained in the art of NRT, with nine months of hands-on study with Dr. Ulan in Florida, and through regular continuing education. He is one of only three practitioners in the entire greater Houston area with this type of extensive training. Don’t settle for anything less!


Put Your Health in Good Hands…
Dr. Serge serves in Friendswood, southeast of Houston, with clients from Pearland, Webster, Clearlake, Pasadena, Alvin, Galveston and even Sugarland. Read about how Dr. Serge’s natural healing methods have restored your neighbors’ lives!

He can do the same for you…

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  • Among the improvements I've seen: my skin, my hair, my complexion, my anxiety level, my self-assurance, my digestive system has also improved, my energy level has skyrocketed, my overall health and eating habits have also improved and health awareness has never been better.